Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Love Faces

Theme: "Self-Portrait"
"For both categories, you must take the photo and you must be holding the camera when you take it (you can’t use a tripod or anything else to hold the camera for you.)" So, you can see from the rules, we were suppose to take pictures of ourselves alone and with our children.
WOW. This was hard and I do not like taking pictures of me OR sewing! None the less, in the name of learning...Here are my entries...

For my kid entry....I couldn't even get all my children in the picture, which was fine, because the other 3 were sleeping for nap time.

For my adult entry....
my favorite place in the world...my home!


  1. I am amazed that so many of your children fit in that photo with you - how beautiful!

    Love both of your entries,

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  2. Great job - what nice photos both of them. The mom in the middle of the kids is adorable. Great capture!

    kristin K

  3. Nice entries. What a great family.

  4. Wow. I had trouble fitting in just one of my kids. Your family is precious. Great photos.

  5. what an absolutely beautiful family you have! i love it! this is what my husband and i would love our family to look like years down the road... of course maybe not as many (i wouldn't mind, my husband would need more coaxing LOL)

    found you on i heart faces... love the pic with your kiddos. it's fun and you can just see the love in their eyes!

  6. Wonderful photos! You did manage to squeeze a lot of faces into the first one and the one of just you is beautiful.

    Your family is gorgeous!!!

  7. What great pictures! That first one just warms my heart - I really want our family to look just like yours one day! :-) you are beautiful and even more beautiful because of your heart!


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