Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eyes To See

We are everyday, grateful for the five acres that we live on here in Colorado. We have lived here for almost 14 years now. Those who know me, know that Colorado has been my love since I was a little girl growing up in Texas. As a young woman, I moved to Colorado. My dad made the statement that he was sad because I would probably find some Colorado guy and stay. And that is what happened.(sorry daddy)
My parents grow so many beautiful plants at their home in Texas. I just don't have the time to do that though, even though I love flowers and plants. So I'm thankful that we can have a "natural landscape" and it still looks beautiful. I also love our little birds out here. So today Daddy built a blue bird box with the darlin's that we will put out in the front meadow area of our property. I can't wait to see our first blue bird family nest!!! And the large shadows in the picture tell you that it is late in the afternoon, which means soon I must bath my little darlin's for church.
I pray for Eyes To See the beauty that the LORD has placed around me. "For you, O LORD, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy." Psalms 92:4 God wants to place gladness and joy in our hearts....may we take the time to "see" the works of His Hands.
No matter what we face in our days, He has a little secret joy for us. I would love to hear from you, what do you have around you that is the "work of His hands" that bring joy to your heart?


  1. Your property sounds lovely, my cousin's boyfirend owns a ranch in Colorado and they always say how beautiful it is.. The joy of my heart is my son, I love to watch how he looks at our world and his compassion makes me smile.

  2. Colorado is beautiful! I can see why you made it your home!
    I miss the beautiful SW landscape of New Mexico, oh the sunsets! But am now loving the massive ancient trees here in VA, covered with miles of vines! So much lush greenery, an ocean views just miles in each direction.
    I love that God gave us an acre of land, surrounded by trees, for my kids to run barefoot on thick green grass, and spend hours exploring the groves :-)

  3. So pretty! I need a blue bird house too! We have an old bench in our backyard that we have converted to a "bird area". We have planted trees and flowers etc around it, and the birds love it. I feed them every morning and change their water then have my Bible Study by the bay window and watch them. God's creatures are so amazing, how blessed that you have all of that land to watch them and keep them safe!


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