Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Our oldest, Jace, with one of his best friends, Mackenzie (the babies can't say his name, so they call him Ms. Candy-LOL)
I have to get babies down for nap...but quick ask for prayer...we found out today that Jace had an Echocordiogram come back as abnormal...basically, it sounds like he has an enlarged heart and some dialated areas. For a 19 year old, this is NOT normal. Jace is in Dallas and will travel to Lubbock on Friday to go to the Heart hospital there to see a Cardiologist. It is hard for me to not be there and we are praying for God to lead! Thank you for your prayers! Will write more later after we have nap time!


  1. Oh my, we'll be praying for your son.
    I'm sure you're mother's heart want to be right there with him!

  2. I can only imagine how stressful that must be for you. I am praying for his heart--and yours, friend!

    So glad you got the package--that was quick! Happy reading :)

  3. Absolutely praying, Shonni! Keep us posted!!

  4. I live north of Dallas - if you plan to come see Jace - you can stay with us! and bring the little ones to hang out with us, while you tend to Jace! My oldest is 15 and I know I will be a wreck when he moves off on his own - and then to hear bad health news. I would have to see him.
    Seriously, if it is at all an option - you have a place to stay!

    Jodi Sue :)


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