Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The decision to bring home a child through adoption is such a step of faith. Adoption fund raising takes so much time, energy and work, but is so worth it to bring our little ones home.   Few of us have the needed $25,000 + needed to bring our children home. We make the decision to adopt in absolute faith and trust in God to meet us every step of the way.  And He does. 

My friend at The Journey Continues...  has organized an amazing on-line fundraiser. They are almost ready to travel to bring home their sweet little boy...but are short some of the money they still need.  Her fund raising blog is so fun and there are some great things to win. Please visit her blog and let's help this family bring their little boy home. 


  1. It is a wonderful site! I'm hoping to win something!! Thank you for sending us over there!!


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