Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Doing Bad...

Garett is still doing bad...praying to see a break in the infection that is making him so sick...
I (stupidly) tried to reheat our cold "Papa Johns" pizza in the oven...didn't work...tasted like warm rubber.
After taking medicine, antibiotics, heat pads and hot water baths, Garett is still crying pretty much constantly. The dog made a mess all over the family room and probably ruined an expensive (compared to what I can replace it with) chair. The carpet has been beyond repair in this room for years....
Why do I share all this...because, especially in the "blog world", I think we need to be honest about the good times and the hard times...
I am not perfect...but I love the LORD and I love my family; and we have days that are good and days that are bad.
And today has been hard and I don't see it getting better soon...I feel that I might need to take Garett back to the dr. soon if I don't see any relief soon...
So, dear blog family and friends...I am tired and emotional and I want to be true to the good and the hard and the truth that in either of those days I am thankful for the LORDS love and your friendship.


  1. Praying for God's healing for Garett and renewed strength for you.

    Much Love,

  2. PRAYING my dear friend. CALL ME if you need me!!!!!!

    Love you heaps and heaps.

  3. Thank you for your honesty! Praying for you Sister! I think that is why I reach out to you for advice - you are real - I can not wait to meet you face to face someday!

  4. Yes, some days are harder than others. So thankful that God never changes, that He KNOWS, and that He is our strength when life is hard. I am praying for you, dear friend, as I pray for little Garret. Praying that in this hard time, you will feel His arms around you and hear His promise echo through your soul: "I love you. I will never leave you, I will never forsake you."

    A song just popped into my head:

    "It will be worth it all
    When we see Jesus.
    Life's trials will seem so small
    When we see Christ.
    One glimpse of His dear face
    All sorrow will erase,
    So gladly run the race
    Till we see Christ!"

  5. Thanks for the honesty! Sorry you had a tough day!


    Laurel & the gang

  6. hugs shonni! real is the only way to be - God knows our hearts and the desires and will comfort you today as you walk each step to healing garrett!

    love and blessings,

  7. Dear Sister, I'm lifting you up this morning! Praying for Garret to feel better today!
    Hugs and prayers to you~

  8. I am soooo sorry! Thank you for being real because I think we do need to be real with each other.

    Praying for you!

  9. PS Do you know I have been trying to leave you comments for like 2 months and haven't been able to and it finally let me =)

  10. Shonni, Thank you for being honest! Praying for Garrett! It is so hard to see our little ones in pain!
    When is Caresse's surgery?

    Love you and your beautiful family!
    May you see God's blessings today! :)

  11. sending a hug and prayer my friend.

  12. Praying for healing of his foot! and Rest for you!

  13. Shonni I will pray for Garret
    Did they suggest an infection specialist?

    Keep drilling those doctors I have found that many times moms have more answers than they do.


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