Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Favorites - Herbs and Oils

One of our favorite things, especially when someone is not feeling well, is to brew up some herbal tea blends. I love to order these from More Than Alive or Bulk Herb Store. I bought my electric peculator at Wal-Mart since I cant brew 12 cups this way. However, you could just make a cup at a time if you want. I sweeten our tea with honey or agave.

My recent favorite is this essential oil diffuser from Diffuser World. Ours is the Aroma-Pro.

"The Aroma-Pro is powerful, durable, easy to use and clean and crafted from the highest quality materials. The Aroma-Pro is built to last a lifetime right here in the USA. For over 10 years the Aroma-Pro has been the TOP Performing nebulizing diffuser in the Aromatherapy industry."

I have been looking and experimenting with ways to use eucalyptus essential oil to help Corbin with his asthma. I love this thing. At night, after supper, we have been turning this diffuser on in our family room where we all are.We use mostly the eucalyptus, but we have also added a few drops of lavender oil for a relaxing aroma, or a few drops of peppermint. Refreshing, cooling, uplifting, and restoring, peppermint has a variety of therapeutic uses. I feel this diffuser was worth our money.  
I am grateful for these wonderful and natural ways that the LORD has provided for me to use. And as a mother, I love taking care of my family in such a healthy way.


  1. I love the oils too - I will have to look into that diffuser thanks for sharing it!

    Love and hugs,

  2. That diffuser sounds fantastic. I still only use a tiny oil burner, but still enjoy having essential oil aromas throughout the house.
    The teas sound wonderful as well!
    Have a lovely day
    Renata :)

  3. I love this idea! E -man has been having breathing issues. I will look for this to use in our home. Thank you! And he LOVES tea ;o)


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