Monday, February 8, 2010

I Should Be....

boy in the the kitchen....

...but, then the snow called to me and said "Come and bring your camera."

So I went outside and noticed this precious little boy in the window, and I had to capture his cuteness. 



Then I saw our cute birdhouse, sitting in the beautiful snow, thinking of the days in spring when the birds will once again sit on it's little porch and sing pretty bird songs.
Well, I did finally, have to go inside and clean the kitchen...but I felt refreshed from my little moment outside. Do you every do this?


  1. Too Sweet!
    I love the photo of the bird house! Beautiful!
    That snow looks sooooo good!

  2. He is so adorable!

    I cannot wait for spring. Too much snow has been seen lately!

  3. thanks for droppin by my blog. i am enamoured with your sidebar. so many precious babies. bless you for loving extravagantly. they are beautiful, and your photography stunning!

  4. Your son is so cute in this picture. I sometimes do the same thing, just grab my camera and go outside.

  5. Love your pictures! What an adorable boy looking out the window!

    There are so many things we should be doing but I think you made a good choice!


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