Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ugandan Necklaces Again

Kalyn put up the post for me yesterday about the Ugandan necklaces that we have. I was in town ALL day with 6 little darlin's doing dentist appointments and errands. I think running around in town makes me more tired than cleaning the house. I was exhausted when I got home!!
Thank you to those who left comments about the necklaces. PLEASE, could you email me at
with size (short or long) and basic color (orange, blue, black, green, purple...I think we have a pink or two).
When Kalyn and I went to Uganda on a mission trip last summer, we were humbled and grateful to get to work with and meet young boys who either lived on the streets/or still live on the streets of the capital of Uganda. We also met young women who have no hope for their future without school. These children have NO PARENTS to protect for or provide for them. It is literally children taking care of children.  Some of the older boys have been able to build a boys house outside of the capital for some of the other younger boys. They hand make these necklaces our of paper to help support themselves.

Also any money they make will help our precious friends in Uganda go to school, which is so important to help them stay off the streets.  School gives them hope for their future. So please, buy as many necklaces as you want...I have bought several for friends and family, so if you have birthdays coming up or need gifts to pass out these are great. As Kalyn wrote yesterday, we want so badly to help our friends that we will even pay the shipping/handling for BUY UP and THANK YOU for helping us help them!

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