Monday, February 15, 2010

Emergency for Garett

Here is my hurting little boy with his foot soaking. He has had dry, cracked skin on his feet the last week, but something changed last night...he started complaining that his foot was hurting really bad. We added more cream and went back to sleep. This morning he was crying and hurting, so I soaked it and added medicine and cream all morning. By lunch he was hurting REALLY bad and by now I noticed a red streak up from his foot past his ankle. I knew we needed to get to the hospital. We spent the next 6 hours in the emergency room getting x-rays and talking about what to do...there is nothing in his foot that we could find. So we have come home to treat the skin/blood infection and pray that in the next few hours it gets better and not worse.
Not to complain, but, boy, does my shoulder hurt!!!  Since I wasn't home to fix supper, I stopped for my favorite pizza...Papa Johns. This made everyone happy, except Garett...he is still hurting pretty bad. The sore of the bottom of his foot where this infection started is black and it looks horrible. 
Well, I am back to taking care of him and holding my little Keshawn who missed me all afternoon!


  1. Praying! Is Garret on antibiotics?

  2. Praying for him now!

    Was he bit by something?


  3. Oh dear...poor baby! Praying for God's perfect healing!

  4. Poor guy! That sounds awful. Life is never dull at your house, huh? You guys really need a VERY LONG break from medical issues!


  5. Oh my goodness poor boy, I will pray for healing.


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