Tuesday, February 9, 2010

War Dance-Want to Borrow This?

I saw this documentary at another blog friends site (I'm sorry, I don't remember which one), and I knew that it was something Steve and I would want to show our older children and see ourselves.

The introduction begins "Set in war-ravaged Northern Uganda, the Oscar nominated War Dance will touch your heart with a real-life story about a group of children whose love of music brings joy, excitement and hope back into their poverty-stricken lives." 

We loved this documentary. It was very well done. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Africa and especially Uganda. Would anyone like to borrow it? If you would, we just ask to receive it back in a month so that we can share it with others.


  1. Looks wonderful! We'd love to borrow it -but can wait in line, if there is someone else who would like to see it too!
    Thanks for sharing Shonni!

  2. I watched that on Netflix. Its available for "play instantly." I agree, its really great! Opened my eyes to a whole world I could never imagine. The things those children survive through and still live sane lives is incredible. After watching it my heart tugged at Uganda for our next adoption.

  3. I would love to borrow it as well. Our family leaves in 4½ months to go to a missionary training boot camp and then we're off to Uganda (Lord willing!). I, too, can wait in line!

    Btw, my daughter LOVED the tent silk!! Such a great gift.

    Also I have a little gift I'm gonna mail to you soon. We're cleaning and purging (preparing for Africa) and I have something that I want to pass on to you. Ü It makes me think of your family.
    I have your address already, from mailing my check, so hopefully I'll get it in the mail soon!

    Hugs from AR~

  4. Oh my goodness, friend...that sounds amazing. I may just have to get us a copy :)

  5. Shonni, I got your post on my blog. I talked to Darren about you last night and I will probably be calling you as I try and figure out the unique adoption laws in Colorado! Thanks for being willing to help! Blessings! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. It sounds like a great film! I'd love to see it BUT I can't borrow it because I have issues with returning things!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog- you new exactly what I meant- we had been working on bringing home a little one with a severe heart condition on a medical visa-I felt very guided by God to do this but it did put us a little over the edge on the busy scale. God directed the little boy in a different direction - so we are currently praying for healing for him.

  7. I will try to buy a copy in Kampala. Soon we will be living and ministering among these people. And as you know, two of our sons are survivors of the war in Northern Uganda.

  8. I would love to borrow it sometime. Just found your blog. Your family is beautiful!


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