Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We have these necklaces that are hand made by boys and girls in Uganda and we are selling them to help raise money for them. There are different sizes of necklaces and the prices range from five dollars for small ones to ten dollars for the longer ones. We will pay for the shipping and handling so if you are interested in buying some leave a comment or send me an email. 


  1. These are gorgeous. I wish I could help you out, but we are struggling to come up with the rest of our money. We are hoping to travel in April. Do you mind shooting me your e-mail address, I have a quick favor to ask of you.


  2. I would love to order several of the necklaces-Thanks so much-

  3. id love a longer one for me and a shorter one for my daughter. It will have ot wait till thursday or friday when we get paid though. Are their color choices ?

  4. ooohh!!! i'd like some! 3 short and 1 long :)

  5. Bless you for doing this, Shonni! I have been selling necklaces (plus some other crafts) for the women of Uganda for a while. People are always fascinated to find out that the beads are made of rolled paper. Justin sold a lot of necklaces way faster than I ever did, even to guys, just by asking them if they wouldn't like to help feed a child in Africa for a week. If people just knew what a life-saving difference the price of one necklace can make! I know the women whose crafts we sell are incredibly grateful to have a way to support their families. What a simple way for people to make a difference. (And the necklaces are beautiful, too.)

  6. I love these necklaces my sister-n-law orders them. It is so cool how they can make them out of magazines.

  7. Hi Shonni-
    I'm coming in a little late. I would like long 3 necklaces in a chocolate brown, a light green and a dark green- if you have them. you can substitute any of then for a multicolored one or I may even add that in!



  8. I just saw your post. I would like to order 2 short and 1 long. Can we request color families?

    My email address is msiowatson@yahoo.c

    Thanks Sheri


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