Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Room For Boys!!

Our sweet friends, Adeye and her children, came over on Friday to help me paint this pretty little pink room. I was so thankful for the help, especially since painting a large room alone feels a little overwhelming. We pretty much left the 15 children downstairs to play and enjoy each other, while we worked. They were all SOOO good and they had a blast with each other. I know my children will miss them when they move this summer (so will I!!!)
So, why did we need to paint the room? We painted it this pink color 11 years ago when we were waiting excitedly for our new daughter to come home from China. More little babies followed and it has pretty much been the "baby room". However, now, we need to put three little boys in there, and Steve said we HAD to change the color to a more boyish color...LOL. 
So here are the before and afters. 
Here is sweet Adeye painting. Kalyn worked hard with us and again, I was so thankful for both of their help.
From pink to green...what a change!!!


And, as you can see, this is a big room!! So we must bring some more babies home!!


  1. Looks great! I agree with you- there's always room for one more!

  2. What fun! And I absolutely love that you had 15 children behaving themselves. What a blessing!

    Love the green! It looks great.

  3. What a great green color! Perfect for girls or boys- and lots of them!! I like the chair rail you added, too! Did you and Adeye do that?

  4. Love the color! Look like you could put a few more kiddos in that room!

  5. Wow you guys did a great job! How did you get 15 kids to behave by the way?

  6. Awesome! Plenty of room for more boys! :)
    What fun the 15 must of had together!
    How fun!

  7. You seriously took that pic of me???? I don't even know :):):) Too busy concentrating, I guess :)

    Looks absolutely fabulous! Plenty of room for at least 10 more :)

  8. Oh my gosh--I almost forgot to tell you...that girly bed is absolutely awful in there. I mean seriously--no family in their right mind should EVER consider having WHITE METAL bunks in a BOYS room. Bad decorating I tell you. Who would ever do that????


  9. I love it and I love your heart for children. its contagious. :)

  10. Love the color! So why don't you and Adeye pack your bags and come to Indiana to help me paint? I told my dear hubby as soon as spring comes our way the house is in for a majot paint job including trim.

    Yes, fill that room up with babies!!!

  11. I love it! Great job!
    I love the rail you put around the room as well - it definitely looks more suitable for boys.
    Yes lots of room for more babies!

  12. Wow, what a difference a little paint can do for a room!!

    Did I understand you correctly.....are you guys thinking of adopting again????

    That is so cool!!!!!

    You all are an amazing family!!!

  13. Love the new color--and the sweet picture of Adeye helping you. (We know that painting is her thing!) So when are you bringing more babies home? :)

  14. I love the new paint job. But what I love even more is what you said, "the room is big enough to bring home more babies." Our new house is going to be bursting at the seems (1500 sq ft at tops).....but I know that the Lord wants us to make room for a little baby girl. At least I will always know where they are :-)


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