Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Persecuted Church in Burma

PLEASE take the time to read this about the persecuted Christians of Burma!!! Their suffering could increase hugely in the near future. We will be praying through the available prayer guide...please join us.

vbbburmafleeChildren flee Burma Army attacks in Northern Mon Township 24 Jan 2010.
(Warning...some images on prayer guide not suitable for children.)


  1. Though we adopted our son from Thailand, his ancestors were from Burma. So thankful that God orchestrated the events to bring him to our family. God's work is amazing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't heard the recent news. I spent 2 months in Thailand on the Burmese border learning about the Shan people - refugees from Burma, and an unreached people group at the time. Definitely a part of the world my heart is particularly tender toward. Will definitely be praying!

  3. How can that even be, dear friend. Breaks my heart in two.

    Come QUICKLY Lord Jesus!!!!!!


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