Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I Did Today

 When we moved into this house over 15 years ago, I put up these grape vines. They looked really cute then, but it has been a long time and they have lost they grapey luster!

I really haven't had time since child # 3 to do much redecorating, beside keeping the inside of the toilet a nice shiny white, however I got all motivated when I visited The Nest Place and show a quick and easy window treatment.

I begin to look for a fabric that I liked that was on sale (cheep!). I really figured that God would have to place it directly in my path because I just don't have time to shop and don't really like to shop! It makes me feel stressed. 

I had to go to Pier One for a gift and guess what was there, almost in my path...a single Pier One Curtain panel ON SALE...big time!
So I brought that sucker home and began to use various tools...mostly a hot glue gun, scissors and tacks to accomplish an amazing task...amazing because 8 children were running around yelling, screaming, fighting, dancing, eating, laughing; but there was one thing that they WERE not doing...being quiet! 

Do you know how hard it is to be creative in that kind of ruckus? 

So, you can see the "fruits" of my labor...I abandoned all attempts at maintaining control of the childhood chaos; good mothering and discipline went out the window; no one had naps, but it was an effective threat; the supper was late and there were no veggies served with it; but I have new "window treatments". What do you think? Honestly?   


  1. OK, let me just list all the things I love about this post:

    1. Your new window treatment...WOW, totally classy and gorgeous. GREAT job!!

    2. I absolutely love that your parenting was non-existent during your project. That's the way I roll too when I'm doing such things.

    3. No veggies for dinner. Perfect. I would have thought badly of you had you been able to pull off both a grand decorating achievement AND a square meal. Whew.

    4. I am glad I'm not the only one who gets stressed while shopping.

    Let's go for coffee, OK? We have much in common.

    Gotta go...Lucy is covering me in tape.

  2. Who needs veggies?! Your window treatments look great. I think the ivy vines date us all! I have one that needs to go, too. :)

  3. That looks FABULOUS! Sorry the 'grapeys' are gone :) I think you did a GREAT job. I must go and look at that site you mentioned.

    Can't wait to see you :)

  4. I think yours are way cuter than the original post! (shh!)

  5. Shonni, I liked your window treatments so much that I check out the instructions at The Nest Place. I am going to buy some tacks and take them to Uganda, and try this treatment at the orphanage. I am planning to leave for the orphanage on March 4 for 3 months, and I hope this will be one of the projects that I actually get completed while I am there. Thanks for posting this! If I manage to get it done, I will post a picture on my blog:

    It will be my little reminder of you and your family while I am in Africa!

  6. Hi Shonni,
    It's really nice to "meet" you, as I just clicked on your link from my blog. You have a beautiful family and I really laughed as I read about your curtains; I've been painting my house and any day that we paint, the kids are wild and there are no vegtables!

    I'm looking forward to read more of your blog.
    God bless, Jenny at

  7. OK, from a guy's point of view; I think the window treatment looks great, but... NO veggies for dinner??!! Oh well I guess one day without veggies is ok.. :)
    You do have a wonderful family, God bless you!

  8. I love the new look! It frames your open windows to God's beautiful creation - not that I am completely jealous or anything! What an incredible sight to see every day - I don't think I would get anything done! :)

  9. Oh Shonni, it looks great. It always amazes me how differently something can look with just a little change. It looks really, really great.

  10. I love them!! Great job!!

    I know what you mean about shopping. Yes it is nice to accomplish something but too often it is a waisted trip- grrrr. I love that you had full confidence in God to assist you- and he provided well!!

    The kids running around while you completed the task-I love it!

    We had hot dogs last night, and chips as our vegie ;-) and I didn't accomplish much other than deciding what size to go with for the new girls!

    Great job!!

  11. They look great and props to your for being able to do that with all the ruckus :)

  12. ooooh, wow! I am so very impressed with the window treatment!! Really pretty. I am also comforted by the fact that we are not super moms. I think more people need to be honest about the realities of life. It is not humanly possible to do ALL things in a day. I currently have my gramma here and she has needed toddler type care, and I am exhausted, tired(up in the night!!) and crabby. I cooked a lunch that DID incllude veggies but the crabby kids won't all eat it. Then, we are homeschooling family. But have not opened a book. Between trips with gramma to the potty and helping with basic stuff there, and feeding/laundry. I just plopped them in front of a movie and thought, well, we will read at bedtime. And gramma says, honey, you should sit down some... I laughed. yes, you know, I SHOULD! I have 5 kids here and the ruckus during creative process is hard.VERY HARD! good job doing it-- and so WELL! And yes, can we have coffee sometime??? :-)

  13. looks great! an updated look! good job!

  14. Hey there, I'm new to blogging but I've been checkin yours out lately. =)

    First off, thank you for making me feel so "normal"!! I've only got 2 kids! I think you're amazing! ;) And by the way, your window treatments look great! I love the fabric, too.

    Okay, take care!

  15. Very cute...and very special story how it just "fell" into your lap. God bless, Jennifer

  16. They look great Shonni!! A job well done!


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